Silver Edible Cocktail Glitter Spray

Silver Edible Cocktail Glitter Spray

Each £5 is sold in sheets of 12 or 24. (60mm = 40p each | 40mm = 20p each) Bulk discount on multiple sheets.

Are you looking to add the wow factor to your baked goods? If so, Cake Décor Silver Glitter Spray is perfect for you! This fantastic lustre is 100% edible and 100% spectacular. This edible lustre comes in a handy push-pump bottle that allows you to spray a fine mist of glitter over your drinks with even distribution.

Simply remove the lid, hold approximately 10cm away from your cocktail then spray. You can spray 2-3 times for a light sparkle or a few more times if you are looking for a more intense glitter effect. Whatever you decide, it will be sure to impress!


Colours (Titanium Dioxide)

Storage Conditions: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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